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tessutiThe art of weaving and spinning is as ancient as human civilization.

Its origins date back to prehistoric times, and cannot be assigned to a specific timeline.

Our goal is to interpret the requirements, needs, desires and, why not, even the dreams of our clients by creating stylish products of high quality and extreme comfort, capable of delivering emotions and sensations but at the same time displaying elegance, discretion and a contemporary kind of sensitivity.

This is the commitment our companies set themselves. Natural textiles that express their charm with a timeless elegance, classic designs that evolve into modern, vibrant productions and tones, creating personality and style.

The companies in the Textiles sector

Category: Fashion
Manufacturer: Manifattura Modenese S.r.L.

Quite often a change in business is both necessary and a good thing. It...

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Category: Textiles
Manufacturer: Staff Jersey S.r.L.

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